A Reminder in a Captured Moment


By all accounts our groundbreaking celebration for the new International Spy Museum was a grand success. From coordinating graphics, the guest list and invitations, event logistics and the budget to securing Mayor Bowser’s participation and extensive top-tier media coverage—the luncheon program at L’Enfant Plaza couldn’t have gone better.

Still, it wasn’t the packages that aired on NBC4 or WJLA boasting the cultural and economic development importance of our client’s new location or the accolades for a fantastic event that leaves a lasting impression. Rather, it was one photograph snapped by our resident photographer Kariann Zentz that truly captured the spirit of the day.

During the course of months of preparation and planning for the event, we had the opportunity to get to know Milton Maltz, the founder of the Spy Museum (and also a founder of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame). A Navy veteran whose interest in national security and intelligence grew from his time working at the National Security Agency, Mr. Maltz’s dedication to preserving and educating about the importance of intelligence and espionage—and the impact they have on national security and historic events—is abundantly clear.

There were many staged photos at the groundbreaking, the perfunctory group shots. But it was a candid of Mr. Maltz with a huge, genuine smile shaking hands with DC Mayor Muriel Bowser, whose happy smile also tells a story that, for us, captured the most personal significance of the day. It’s an important reminder that even though business goals are paramount, our work is also about people, their stories, and their passions.