Creativity makes a big splash!

Creativity makes a big splash

Sometimes all it takes to capture great exposure for a client is a little creativity. Cue the giant flip-flops!

We were thrilled with the success of our Local Olympians campaign for Rockville Town Square that garnered plenty of local word-of-mouth and social media exposure, drawing a slew of well-wishers to the Square.

With Olympic excitement mounting, we erected the massive flip-flops on the Square and quickly collected thousands of good luck messages to two Olympic swimmers from the local area.

The spectacle of the giant good-luck flops and the foot traffic they generated alone were enough to call the campaign successful, but then Katie Ledecky posted photos with a thank you message to Rockville Town Square on her Facebook page, sharing the campaign with her 37K (and growing) fans. The post collected more than 1.1K likes and scores of shares in a matter of days, helping to expand exposure—and goodwill—for our client. And yes, we signed the flops!