Strategic. Creative. Responsive.

The Maier & Warner team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table in crafting communications and strategic plans to drive success. Whether the goal is earned media, effective corporate messaging, successful community outreach, heightened consumer engagement or another result, the Maier & Warner team is skilled and uniquely positioned to deliver.

Our Team

We believe in proactive and positive communications.

Kristine Warner managing partner

We believe that working partnerships lead to success.

Charles Maier partner

We believe in building relationships.

Jenny Shepherd chief financial officer

We believe brands that win tell the most inspiring stories.

Andrew Gagliano pr associate

We believe in smart media connections for targeted outreach.

Krista Brick pr associate

We believe collaboration inspires creativity.

Kariann Zentz senior marketing associate

We believe in the strength of teams.

Linda-Jo Block client services